MQ usability

Stuart W. Marks smarks at
Fri Aug 14 22:13:25 CDT 2009

Matt Mackall wrote:
> On Tue, 2009-08-11 at 05:48 +0000, TK Soh wrote:
>> Sorry to bring up the old topic. I wonder if it's possible to make
>> --git format the default?
> No. Ask again when standard patch(1) accepts git patches.

Certainly it would be incompatible to change "hg diff" to emit git patches by 

But for MQ, the patch is mainly an internal storage format. Maybe MQ could use 
git patches by default. Or, at least MQ could switch to git format when the 
need arises:

$ hg qnew ...
$ chmod +x foobar
$ hg qrefresh
(mode change detected, switching to git diff format)

The current situation, where MQ silently loses information unless --git is 
specified, is pretty unfriendly.


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