[PATCH 0 of 4] first patches concerning casefolding filesystems

Simon Heimberg simohe at besonet.ch
Sat Aug 15 17:06:01 CDT 2009

I resend some of the simple patches of my series. Theyr order can be freely 

#1 fixes hghave when tempdir is changed
#2 forces a case change in a test (mv a A did nothing)
#3 is an optimisation for fspath
#4 handles the cases in fspath where folding is different to a case change
   as it happens on hfs or ntfs. Some optimisation is done for . and ..

The whole series is on http://bitbucket.org/simohe/hg-folding-mq. The tests 
run successful on linux on hfs (1 error as before) and ntfs (1 error, rename
a to A is impossible on disc)

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