MQ usability

Stuart W. Marks smarks at
Sat Aug 15 17:17:00 CDT 2009

TK Soh wrote:
> Isn't '[defaults]' section deprecated in recent release of mercurial?

It's still documented in crew in doc/hgrc.5.txt . This mechanism is for 
providing default arguments to various commands. (IMHO this is quite 
problematic as it can cause shell scripts to behave differently or break when 
run by different users.)

Are you thinking of this?

changeset:   8900:589a3d022079
user:        Martin Geisler <mg at>
date:        Tue Jun 23 15:51:27 2009 +0200
summary:     hgrc.5: remove reference to DEFAULT section

This change refers to, variable expansion in hgrc files, and default values for 
these. This has indeed been removed in 1.3. See


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