[GSoC] inotify prototype for MacOS

Nicolas Dumazet nicdumz at gmail.com
Sun Aug 16 18:29:16 CDT 2009

Hello -devel!

I now have in my MQ [1] a prototype for inotify extension support
under MacOS. The code still needs some work, cleanups, and polishing,
but since yesterday, the mercurial inotify tests are passing under Mac

If you run Mac OS > 10.5, please spend a few minutes to play around
with inotify under MacOS: tell me if it works, and it is any good,
broken, or anything :)
To test it, you just need to qclone my MQ:
hg qclone http://bitbucket.org/nicdumz/mercurial-crew-mq ; hg qpush -a

Oh, and I know: test-inotify-debuginotify is failing: it does not make
sense to run such a test on MacOS for now since it was created to
retrieve debugging info from the linux backend. I need to find a
solution for this small issue.


[1] http://bitbucket.org/nicdumz/mercurial-crew-mq

Nicolas Dumazet — NicDumZ

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