hgrc.5.text FILES content, ordering implied?

Martin Geisler mg at lazybytes.net
Thu Aug 27 10:06:31 CDT 2009

Douglas Philips <dgou at mac.com> writes:

> On or about 2009 Aug 27, at 4:11 AM, Martin Geisler indited:
>> The idea is to accumulate configuration values from different files,
>> loaded in order from least specific (/etc/mercurial on Unix) to most
>> specific (.hg/hgrc). I think that is fine as it is.
>> The question is mostly if we should let hg read mercurial.ini on Unix
>> systems?
> I am very concerned by this, and looking at the code in windows.py, it
> sure has the feel of "Shaw, Pshaw, here's a smattering of files,
> you'll probably find -one- of 'em."
> Please explain the logic behind needing both mercurial.ini and .hgrc
> on Windows, in the same directory, and why it is better to extend that
> to non-Windows platforms than to fix Windows.

I'm not sure there is a "need" as such -- it is enough if Mercurial
would load one file on each system, especially now that a config file
can include other config files (so both .hgrc and Mercurial.ini could
include a file with common settings).

Would you prefer Mercurial to load only Mercurial.ini on Windows and
only .hgrc on Unix, and that we deprecate the .hgrc file on Windows?

Martin Geisler

VIFF (Virtual Ideal Functionality Framework) brings easy and efficient
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