remove: add --keep-dirs option to disable removing empty directories

JonnyDee jonny.dee at
Fri Aug 28 19:28:50 CDT 2009

On Aug 28, 9:23 pm, Greg Ward <greg... at> wrote:
> [...]
> Much better!  BTW, you don't need to give an intro email to a single
> patch.  Just run "hg email -rtip" and let patchbomb do the right
> thing.

Ok, I will do this with my improved version.

> > +    If --keep-dirs is used, the local directories getting empty by
> > +    removing files will not be deleted.
> Bad grammar; I suggest
>   Normally, Mercurial removes directories that it are left empty
>   by removing all the files in them.  Pass --keep-dirs to disable this.
> (IOW, you put it just fine in the checkin comment, so let's reuse that
> wording in the help.  That's the text that people will actually see,
> after all.)

I'll use "Mercurial normally deletes empty directories when removing
files would leave them empty. Pass --keep-dirs to disable this." I
hope it is what you meant...

> The code change looks just fine to me, although I have not tested it.
> All you need to do now is add a test case, probably by modifying
> tests/test-remove.

I've added a new test case to tests/test-remove.

> Looking very good so far!

Thank you very much for taking the time to write/give me your
feedback. It really helps me a lot :)

Best regards,
Jonny Dee

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