EOL: patch.eol=auto setting

alexrayne alexraynepe196 at lavabit.com
Mon Dec 21 02:55:29 CST 2009

Read please my message again:
my repository settings for my file:
*.pas = native
native = CRLF

my work file already updated by svn with CRLF, but my repository version 
commited with LF and CRLF in different files.
how can encoder understand that repository version is LF or CRLF, if 
setups in .hgeol only describes what i want in work verion?

describe my sentence again:
hgeol describes wwhat kind of eol i want see in my work, it is nowhere 
still any info about what kind of eol actualy stored in repo,
so if you encodes work version to repository format, you newer know 
right format, but just suggest that if i use native - so work is CRLF 
and repository is ALWAYS LF.
lst sugession is incorrect for my situation.

Colin Caughie пишет:
>> As understand this change only affects patch, therefore nothing
>> changed
>> when i try to look an diff of my work version with CRLF and repo-
>> version with LF.
>> look like work is not completed, need support for diff too
> Yes, but diff was never broken in the first place. Unlike patch, diff uses the repository filters to "encode" your work version before comparing it with the repo version. Thus you are always comparing LF with LF (assuming LF is your repo format).
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