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Rafael Villar Burke pachi at
Sun Feb 8 10:00:35 CST 2009

Isaac Jurado wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 5, 2009 at 12:19 AM, Martin Geisler <mg at> wrote:
>> Words which I don't really know how to translate:
>>  diff
>>  commit
>>  committer
>>  changeset (so far I've used "ændring" which means "change")
>>  remote (output from remote system when pushing)
> I was giving a shot on the Spanish translation and I faced a similar
> question.  Lately, we tend to directly use English technical jargon
> instead of translating.  For example, the terms "commit" and "merge" are
> so common in computer science contexts that nobody really bothers
> translating.
I wrote in spanish (almost three years ago now. wow!) a series of 3 blog
posts about mercurial [1]. It proposes some translation alternatives for
those and other concepts found in Mercurial. These are based on the most
common (and correct) translation of those terms in computer science
books and existing tools documentation and aren't normally too
cumbersome to use.

I think a good, compact and meaningful translation of those concepts are
needed, even if the original command name is used side by side (to
explain workflow).

There's also a svnbook project that keeps a glossary [2]
> However, I have a hard time figuring out how to translate "changeset"
> (because it is not as common as commit), and "hook".  I'm thinking about
> using the same "hook" translation as in the SVN book, although being a
> bit crappy.
what about these?:
changeset = conjunto de cambios
hook = punto de enlace o ganchos (I don't like this last one too much,
as it's too literal, but it's used in the django, python, subversion and
other doc translations...)




Rafael Villar Burke

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