keyword: remove docstrings to ease translation

Bill Barry after.fallout at
Tue Feb 10 08:25:26 CST 2009

Christian Ebert wrote:
>> But I would be glad to see a better solution :-)
> Some script that extracts only the docstrings of the functions
> that are listed in cmdtable?
Does python have some sort of attribute mechanism?

We could do something like:

def commit( ...

what about starting non-public-api docstrings with a quote char (or 
something else, perhaps just a space?):
>  def utcdate(date):
>     ''''Returns hgdate in cvs-like UTC format.'''
The extra quote shouldn't be a problem from pyshell but it would make it 
very easy to know if a docstring is made for public usage or not. Is 
there a PEP for this somewhere?
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