Your favorite bug

Dirkjan Ochtman dirkjan at
Thu Feb 12 04:20:03 CST 2009

Since the feature freeze is in two days and the bug fest in three
days, I wanted to put this out there: why don't you all let us know
about your favorite pet bugs/issues? Name one or two or three issues
that may or may not be in the issue tracker (if it isn't, please add
it now), and we can see about getting it into 1.2. Since time is
running short for the feature freeze, this should be concentrated on
very small features and real bugs. What's that little annoyance that
you run into a few times each week?

Things that increase the chance of your bug getting fixed:

- Supplying a reproducible bug report (in the form of a shell script,
or a test script)
- Locating some old patch that goes some way toward solving it
- Actually writing (part of) the required patch



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