Your favorite bug

John Coomes John.Coomes at
Fri Feb 13 19:22:00 CST 2009

Dirkjan Ochtman (dirkjan at wrote:
> Since the feature freeze is in two days and the bug fest in three
> days, I wanted to put this out there: why don't you all let us know
> about your favorite pet bugs/issues? Name one or two or three issues
> that may or may not be in the issue tracker (if it isn't, please add
> it now), and we can see about getting it into 1.2. Since time is
> running short for the feature freeze, this should be concentrated on
> very small features and real bugs. What's that little annoyance that
> you run into a few times each week?

I'd like to vote for "External code should not see uncommitted
transactions about to roll back":

Matt posted a proof-of-concept patch here:

I've run some basic tests on it and it works; haven't thorougly tested
an external hook that runs hg yet.  I can beef up & polish my test
case if desired.


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