Things that could be better for GUIs

Thomas Burdick thomas.burdick at
Sat Feb 28 10:13:33 CST 2009

* no way to test a set a command to determine if one of the parameters
is wrong or there is some other issue. being able to do this means
being able to tell the user sooner than when they click "go" something
is wrong with what they've chosen to do.

* no way to capture all the cli password requests since the sshrepo
shells out to a sshcmd and uses pipes, it never calls ui.getpass for
obtaining the password. being able to capture all password requests
lets me pop up a dialog asking for the password, being able to look in
some system's password manager.

* some things are just plain slow, obtaining the list of tags for a
revision context was the one I found most annoying.

* no way to determine progress using a callback of some form.

* documentation for the api seems a little spartan.


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