Things that could be better for GUIs

Steven Borho steve at
Sat Feb 28 12:52:14 CST 2009

On Feb 28, 2009, at 4:07 AM, Dirkjan Ochtman wrote:

> So I've heard some rumbling in #mercurial about the codebase from  
> those who've implemented GUIs on top of hg; that would be muggs  
> (THG), ronny (PIDA) and bfrog (CuteHG). bastiand (MercurialEclipse)  
> may also be interested. I'd like to hear what things could be  
> improved, and how.
> Once this discussion has come up with some points, we should  
> probably put an extract in the wiki, to prevent it from getting lost.
> This will (obviously) not go into 1.2, but I at least think it would  
> be useful to reason about all of your concerns about the current ways.

TortoiseHg has worked around most of the annoyances, so it's not as  
much of an issue for us.

The biggest problems right now are lack of progress indicators, and  
the cost of calculating
overlays on large repositories.


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