How to track GIT branches with the convert extension ?

Edouard Gomez ed.gomez at
Tue Jan 6 15:36:00 CST 2009

Patrick Mézard (pmezard at wrote:
> > I need some guidance on:
> >  - how can the 'convert' extension detect the bookmark extension ?
> >    (dir(hgext.bookmark) ?)
> Take a look at extsetup() in record extension for instance, or at rebase extension.

Yep i see, so i setup the extension using a mercurial API to
locate and load the extension, then i just use its functions
as it would have been imported with an import statement.

> >  - are bookmarks part of the wired protocol so that clone
> >    does actually clone them ?
> No it's not.

Is there any plan to let plugins ask for wire control with
remote acknowledgment ?

I mean a capability "wiredextensions" would be returned by the server, and
then once the usual wire protocol ends, for each loaded extension there is
a server callback specific each extension that is called that gives it the
opportunity to dialog with its client callback counterpart.

This could help in fully cloning converted repos (send shamap, authormap
etc... along the usual changesets), would allow full copies of the bookmarks
(we could even copy git branch style perfectly, remote bookmarks being always
origin/ prefixed), could help having project wide hgrc for keeping important
stuff configured in all clones the same way (keyword expansion, interhg
related conf), for mq this could allow sending the mq series along the original
repo (or the hg mq repo when the queue is versioned).

Edouard Gomez

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