hgweb: revision history of a file omits revision which removes the file

Jeff Walden jwalden+hg at MIT.EDU
Tue Jan 13 19:43:53 CST 2009

Mozilla's Tracemonkey repository contains the file js/src/js.cpp.  While doing some archaeology recently, I was looking at its revision log:


The particular problem I was tracking was not present in this revision:


...and it appeared in this revision:


However, if you look at the commit message for the latter revision, you can see that it claims to be backing out a different revision:


...and if you look at that revision, you can see that it removed js/src/js.cpp from the repository.  (Actually I think it moved the file, but as I understand it a move is a copy+remove, so remove's the important part.)

I think hgweb's revision display for a file should show revisions which remove that file.  Otherwise you get the weird situation where one revision shows a change to the file, and the immediate next listed revision adds the file anew.


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