[PATCH] 1321 (partial): run Python pretxnchangegroup hooks before disk flush

Gilles Moris gilles.moris at free.fr
Fri Jan 16 03:00:25 CST 2009

On Fri January 16 2009 09:08:48 Doug Philips wrote:
> For the hook itself, which is what the environment variable semi-proposal was going to permit, the pending changeset visibility is the whole point, never meant to say otherwise.
> By "outside visibility" I meant "outside of the context of the running hook."
> In order for an external hook to see the changes-which-are-still-yet-pending-and-abortable, currently, the changes had to be visible to all other viewers/readers of the repo. Fixing this so that the changes are only visible to the hook itself is what I was suggesting.
> And as such, the ability for the non-hook viewers to see the changes too is a bug. Fix the bug, not a big deal?

As I understand, the problem has two folds, the visibility is one.
But I am much more worried about the possibility for these changeset to spread through a pull, contaminating repos in a uncontrolled way. This should really be addressed in a first step, by locking outgoing traffic.

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