[SonicHg Update] - Full side-by-side diffs, new file log page, regex filter, commit syntax warning, and more!

Akshay Dayal Akshay.Dayal at Sun.COM
Wed Jan 21 05:20:33 CST 2009

Hey folks,

Made some updates to the SonicHg extension work, hope you find some of 
the new features useful - side-by-side diffs in the web UI - woohoo! 
Demo of features:

  http://sonichg.zspin.com/hgview.cgi/calc (Sometimes the site is down)

Checkout the updated docs (Note: haven't tested with mercurial 1.1.0+):


The list of features is now:

1. Pushlog - Log pushes made over SSH
    -Enable capturing of data on incoming pushes to show what group of 
commits were made for the push, ssh username, etc
    -Added a pushlog page in the web UI, can use slider or textbox to 
browse through push history
    -Advanced search available in the web UI for finding pushes - 
including finding by date
    -Can configure how many pushes to show per page in the HGRC file

2. Modified web UI shortlog page
    -Can use slider or textbox to browse through commit history

3. Modified web UI File log page (which shows the file history)
    -Shows more info now, including author of each change
    -Also can select any 2 file versions and show the diff between them

4. Added web UI full side-by-side differ
    -Can see side-by-side diff page for changes
    -If you have the highlight extension enabled you can enable 
highlighting in the side-by-side diffs too

5. Regex Filter available for web UI
    -Can use this filter to perform regex substitutions on the 
descriptions of commits
    -For example, can substitute all bug ids in descriptions with links 
to the bug page for that bug id

6. Added ability specify a commit format standard and where the commit 
format doc URL is
    -Users making pushes whose commit messages are out of standard will 
get a warning message with the link to the commit format doc URL

7. Other changes
    -Descriptions of merge commits will be in red in web UI (a commit 
with 2 parents)
    -Where-ever possible the links in web UI will use revision numbers 
instead of short node ids

Feedback appreciated!


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