[SonicHg Update] - Full side-by-side diffs, new file log page, regex filter, commit syntax warning, and more!

Dirkjan Ochtman dirkjan at ochtman.nl
Wed Jan 21 06:15:08 CST 2009

Hey Akshay,

Some of this stuff looks really good. The packaging (an extension full
of different sets of feature) is at least a little unhelpful though,
in my opinion. Would you be interested in repackaging as separate
extensions for different functionality? Or, even better, in
streamlining some of the functionality for inclusion in Mercurial?
Here's some remarks on your features.

On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 12:20, Akshay Dayal <Akshay.Dayal at sun.com> wrote:
> 1. Pushlog - Log pushes made over SSH
>    -Enable capturing of data on incoming pushes to show what group of
> commits were made for the push, ssh username, etc
>    -Added a pushlog page in the web UI, can use slider or textbox to
> browse through push history
>    -Advanced search available in the web UI for finding pushes -
> including finding by date
>    -Can configure how many pushes to show per page in the HGRC file

I'd like to have a general-purpose pushlog extension. Mozilla already
has its own version of this, apparently people really like having the
ability to get a straight line through history. Maybe if this was in a
separate extension we could put that in hgext and distribute it with

> 2. Modified web UI shortlog page
>    -Can use slider or textbox to browse through commit history

The textbox might be interesting to have in hg, though I think the
slider is a little more eccentric.

> 3. Modified web UI File log page (which shows the file history)
>    -Shows more info now, including author of each change

Well, that's a simple template change; the paper style (new default in
hg 1.1) has it, too.

>    -Also can select any 2 file versions and show the diff between them

That's something I'd like to have in hg as well. Should be pretty easy
to do from a backend point of view, but getting good UI for it (not
just in file logs, but also in shortlog) is a little more work. Would
you like to help contribute that?

> 4. Added web UI full side-by-side differ
>    -Can see side-by-side diff page for changes

I think having the option of presenting side-by-side diffing in hgweb
would be nice. Maybe you can help us add that in?

> 5. Regex Filter available for web UI

Why is this better than the interhg extension distributed with Mercurial?

> 6. Added ability specify a commit format standard and where the commit
> format doc URL is
>    -Users making pushes whose commit messages are out of standard will
> get a warning message with the link to the commit format doc URL

Well, I think that's more custom and isn't necessarily interesting to
a larger public (although publishing it as a separate hook may make

> 7. Other changes
>    -Descriptions of merge commits will be in red in web UI (a commit
> with 2 parents)

I wonder if this can be done through our templater. If not, it would
be nice if we can enable that (by setting a class on a relevant HTML
element, for example).

>    -Where-ever possible the links in web UI will use revision numbers
> instead of short node ids

That doesn't seem particularly useful. Are you aware the revision
numbers aren't the same in every clone?



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