[PATCH 0 of 1] diffstat in command templates

Alexander Solovyov piranha at piranha.org.ua
Fri Jan 23 05:57:45 CST 2009


there is a patch to add diffstat as a key for templating system. While
it can be seen as not very important information I think that situation
when there is internal implementation of diffstat, but almost no
possibility (except patchbomb extension) to get information from it is
rather strange. :-)

Maybe it should be updated to show more verbose output (with stats for
every file) when --verbose supplied?

About the code: "log.parents(changenode)[0]" is used for determining
parent, but there was suggestions to use "ctx.parents()". But same code
is used higher, f.e. in "getfiles()", so maybe whole function should be

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