[PATCH 1 of 9] create mercurial.pure package

Martin Geisler mg at daimi.au.dk
Sat Jan 24 11:04:34 CST 2009

Martin Geisler <mg at daimi.au.dk> writes:

> I am using git diffs, and the MQ patch contains
>   From: Martin Geisler <mg at daimi.au.dk>
>   create mercurial.pure package
>   diff --git a/mercurial/pure/__init__.py b/mercurial/pure/__init__.py
>   new file mode 100644
> But patchbomb sends this as an empty patch, maybe patchbomb doesn't
> understand git style diffs?

Doh, I just looked at the help for patchbomb, and it has a -g/--git flag
that I should have used...

I think it would nice, though, if patchbomb picked up the

  git = 1

section I have in my ~/.hgrc file.

Martin Geisler

VIFF (Virtual Ideal Functionality Framework) brings easy and efficient
SMPC (Secure Multiparty Computation) to Python. See: http://viff.dk/.
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