Packagers: nightly builds?

Mads Kiilerich mads at
Sun Jan 25 12:45:08 CST 2009

Matt Mackall wrote, On 01/25/2009 06:02 PM:
> I would like to start making nightly build of the stable branch
> available. This will help our testers greatly, especially during the
> code freeze. For starters, I'd like to see Windows and Mac plus Debian
> and Fedora for x86.
> So let me know if it's possible to automate your build.

For Fedora (and RHEL) we have contrib/buildrpm which works pretty well. 
Or do you have requirements it doesn't meet?

It could even be extended to publish it as a yum repository so that 
machines could be configured to get the latest version available as 
automatic update. Would that be interesting?

Ideally the packages should be built on machines controlled by you, 
Matt, so that users only have to trust that you build the packages from 
the official peer-reviewed repo on un-infected machines. How do you plan 
to run it? On the build bots? Or on your own virtual machines?

("Obviously" distributions with different Python versions will require 
different packages, and the easiest way to create them is to use 
different build machines...)

A related question: The buildrpm packages are different from the 
"official" Fedoras packages by Neal. I think that's fine; Fedora wants 
to follow their policy and integerate with the rest of the system, while 
Mercurial wants to be as close to a source build as possible. Obviously 
we have a common interest in minimizing the gab. What is your opinion on 
that? Do you want builds of "real Fedora packages"?


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