[RFC] Add --git option to log, incoming, history and tip

Jim Correia jim.correia at gmail.com
Sun Jan 25 13:32:01 CST 2009

I've prepared a patch which adds a --git option to log, incoming,  
history and tip.

The motivation for doing so is to be able to easily see the additional  
things the --git diff format provides. (I had a couple of otherwise  
"empty" changesets where just the +x bits changed.)

(I realize that you can force this through the --config switch, but  
this is neither convenient, nor particularly discoverable, IMO.)

On problem with the patch as it stands, though, is that in other  
places where --git is allowed, the short form -g is also allowed. I  
was not able to add this here, though, because the graphlog extension  
already uses the -g flag on log.

Do others see value in adding --git to these commands?

What about the "conflict" with -g and the graphlog extension?

	Submit this patch as is?
	Remove -g from graphlog and use it here?
		(Either in this patch, or a followup?)

- Jim

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