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Wed Jan 7 09:56:51 CST 2009

>   workaround for 513183 so hg view works
>   tcl/tk is very sensitive about stuff which is printed to stderr
>   and considers anything printed to be on stderr to be a sign of
>   an error.
>   To avoid hgk's crash because of warnings, we print warnings
>   only when the quiet option is absent. We suppress
>   warnings in hg by calling from "hg view" a wrapper, hg-hgk,
>   which requests quiet operation, disabling warnings.
>   In order to preserve user's possible preference for another hg
>   via HG environment variable, we make sure in the wrapper we
>   call that HG, not the system hg, if HG was initally set.

messages: 8541
nosy: EddyPetrisor, mg
priority: bug
status: unread
title: hgk fails to start when hg emits warnings
topic: patch

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