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Wed Jan 7 09:56:51 CST 2009

The time will be used for research, studies and communication with the

It will be important to study the Mercurial code and identify the
dependencies of the code parts on each

other and their malfunction on Jython. During that time there will be
a great opportunity to discuss

and priorize the importance of certian commands with the community and
give a certain weight to the

need of Jython functionality. This will help to create a good
organized plan, which can be later on

tracked via weekly status reports and also calls for testing with the community.

Approximate time plan:
1) 23 may - 14 June (3 weeks)

-resolving compatability issues with Jython

-tracking down malfunction in Mercurial or Jython and write tests

-isolate the shell scripts tests for Jython or rewrite them in Python
and improve the testing infrastructure

-working on the important hg commands (clone, add, commit, log,
status, push, pull, etc.)

2) 14 june - 5 July (3 weeks)

-first official call for public testing

-resolving compatability issues with Jython

-tracking down malfunction in Mercurial or Jython and write tests

-working on commands (diff, merge, revert, etc..)

3) 6 July - 25 July (3 weeks)

-resolving compatability issues with Jython

-tracking down malfunction in Mercurial or Jython and write tests

-second official call for public testing

-working on finish all of the outstanding commands

-intensive testing of hg

-working on improving the extensions support

4)26 July - 16 August (3 weeks)

-continue the work on the implementation of C extensions in Java for speed ups

-add support for missing modules that are needed by Mercurial (e.g. bz2)

-final call for public testing before submitting code to Google in September

-resolving all missing things, fixing bugs, do a lot of testing and
interaction with the community

-track the status of patches to Jython and Mercurial, make possible
improvements to get them accepted upstream

August 10: Suggested 'pencils down' date. Take a week to scrub code,
write tests, improve
documentation, etc.

-I will use this week to resolve any outstanding issues, track down
bugs, improve the functionality,

write documentation and finish the intergration upstream into Mercurial

Final evaluation (August 17 - August 24)

Beginning of September: code submission to Google

5. Who are you?

I have been heavily involved in Open Source development in the past
years and was happy to participate in last
year's Google Summer of Code and did work on Jython. I program
fluently in several programming languages
including C, C++, Java, Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby. I really like to
write code in Python, because of the good and clean
organization of the language and also the std library and also of the
speed of coding.
I love to use Mercurial and I am keen to participate with this project
to improve Mercurial and also improve Jython
by adding support for such a great project. Mercurial is being used
for personal and professional use for paid and
unpaid projects and a lot of Open Source participation. Even if
projects do not use Mercurial, I really like to track
and work extensive with the code locally using Mercurial.

Having the chance to join the Mercurial team is a great opportunity to
contribute back to the lovely tool that I have
been using and that really saved many days of work for me. Distributed
versioning control started to rock with Mercurial
and I hope to make it rock on Jython. This project will give for sure
some nice Netbeans and JDK + Mercurial projects
as a result of the Summer of Code.

Short biography:

Georgy Berdyshev is a well known russian developer and security
professional, living and studying in Germany. He has been involved with the
development of Open Source and Free Software for almost ten years. As
contributor and project leader

of several successful project, he has established a reputation of his
professional knowledge and is a

welcome speaker at international conferences.
His research interests include cross platform development, distributed
 computing, graphics programming, kernel development, mathematics,
multimedia encodings, networking, rootkit detection and development,
security and several other interesting computer science fields.
He did successfully participate in the Google Summer of Code 2008 and
did work for the Python
Software Foundation on "Improvement of Zope support on Jython"

Contact data:
IRC: gberdyshev, georgyberdyshev on
jabber: this email address (... at

Georgy Berdyshev

GPG key: 830F68C5
Fingerprint: 0379 ED5A BEE5 65A8 7BD5  31E7 F5B4 1EC7 830F 68C5

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