[PATCH] Tweaks to MQ user interface

Martin Geisler mg at lazybytes.net
Thu Jul 2 11:25:01 CDT 2009

Brendan Cully <brendan at kublai.com> writes:

> On Thursday, 02 July 2009 at 10:31, Martin Geisler wrote:
>> I don't know about the last patch -- I'm quite happy with my mq shell
>> alias myself, but I can see that such an alias is not the best
>> solution.
>> For those who haven't seen the trick:
>>   alias mq="hg -R $(hg root)/.hg/patches"
> I'm in favor of an option like this. In fact, I wrote a similar patch:
> http://selenic.com/pipermail/mercurial-devel/2008-December/009456.html
> (this worked with status too IIRC)
> I don't think the alias is very friendly for windows users. Also, it's
> odd to have a qcommit command and nothing else.

Yeah, I also don't like the asymmetri. I think qcommit should be
deprecated and eventually removed. People could even add it back as an
alias to 'commit --mq', if desired.

Martin Geisler

VIFF (Virtual Ideal Functionality Framework) brings easy and efficient
SMPC (Secure Multiparty Computation) to Python. See: http://viff.dk/.
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