GSoC: hg and git interoperability (status report)

Augie Fackler durin42 at
Sun Jul 5 21:22:36 CDT 2009

On Jul 3, 2009, at 3:44 PM, Abderrahim Kitouni wrote:

> Hi all,
> So what I have done during this week? (well, it's been more than a  
> week)
> I added some tests and tried to extend others (and of course fixed  
> the bugs
> that popped out). Now the tests coverage are over 80%, there is  
> still to do but
> I feel it's going well. I'll continue doing this for the next few  
> days.


> I've also created an account on github to tell everyone about my  
> branch :-p
> (actually, I was responding to issues and pointing to my fixes).

Yeah, the hg-git 'community' is oddly bisected.

> I've also started porting hg-git from the heavily-patched, local  
> fork of
> dulwich to the upstream version (this wasn't very difficult as I got  
> to know
> the api of dulwich better while I was hacking on my own hg-git), it  
> still
> needs a small (2 new functions) patch to dulwich, I'll try to  
> discuss with
> dulwich developers if they should be added to dulwich or to hg-git.

Excellent. It'd be nice to be able to depend on an upstream version of  
dulwich instead of an embedded version.

> I also played a little with hg 1.3 (well maybe that belongs in my  
> blog,
> but...), namely the share extension and subrepos. In spite of the  
> big warning,
> I managed to qrefresh a checked out revision and couldn't 'hg  
> update' anymore
> and didn't find a command to fix this. I finally got out by deleting  
> dirstate,
> but maybe we should find a way to help people that use experimental  
> software
> and manage to shoot themselves in the foot.
> As for the subrepos, Matt mentioned that he wants to have git or  
> subversion
> subrepos. Using a trivial (but I'm not sure it's ok) patch I could  
> clone a git
> subrepo using hg-git (and I believe hgsubversion should work as  
> well), I'll be
> sending it shortly.
> Ok, it turns out to be a long mail.
> I think that hg-git is now somewhat ready for wider testing (I did a  
> mistake
> handling tags, I'll try to fix it soon, that's issue 3), in order to  
> get a
> bigger sample of git weirdness (I already got a tag without date,  
> issue 2).
> I'm starting to hate git for these inconsistencies. As always, my  
> latest code
> can be found at :

I'll start using this soon.

On the usability front, I think some kind of outgoing command is going  
to be a necessary next step.

> Regards,
> Abderrahim

It's looking like great progress - your branch already feels much more  
mercurial-like than its ancestor!


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