indicating type(level?) of message

FUJIWARA Katsunori fujiwara at
Fri Jul 10 03:25:16 CDT 2009

Hi, devels

My colleague, who is not yet so familiar with Mercurial, asked me:

    I can not add large file  to repository! What should I do?

At that time, 'hg add' command displayed below message, but he could
not judge whether 'hg add' accepted his request or not.

    xxxx files over 10MB may cause memory and performance problems ....

Probably, you would think him as scatterbrain, and I think so, too :-)
And many other thoughtful(or hg familiar) users can judge whether
success or not, by:

    - 'hg status' on such files
    - exit code of 'hg add' invocation, or
    - "use 'hg revert xxxx' to unadd" should mean that xxx is added

But indicating type of message(e.g: ERROR, WARNING, and so on) is more
friendly for novice ones, isn't it ?

    WARNING: xxxx files over 10MB may cause memory and  ....

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