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timeless <timeless at> writes:

> FUJIWARA wrote:
>> But indicating type of message(e.g: ERROR, WARNING, and so on) is more
>> friendly for novice ones, isn't it ?
> personally, I agree.

I would also like to see our info, warning, and error messages
standardized. But we must be careful not to change the output too much:

> The other point of reference I'd make is that Solaris messages include
> IDs which people can use to look up additional information. If a
> message said
> "files over 10MB may cause memory and performance problems"
> it could include an identifier (which for mercurial would probably
> lead to a wiki page) that can further describe the costs, point to
> relevant bugs on the topic, and provide alternative suggestions.

Is it not enough that people can search for the error online? I fear
that maintaining such identifiers will be an administrative burden and
it's not something I've seen other projects to.

Martin Geisler

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