Version etiquette for a public fork (tag caching on 1.3)

Greg Ward greg at
Thu Jul 30 15:17:22 CDT 2009

I need to backport the tag cache feature to 1.3.x.  (I implemented it
because we will need it at work.)  I figure as long as I'm going to
the trouble, I might as well publish a repo with the backport.  But I
also figure I should probably munge the version string: if someone is
running my fork and reports a bug, it would be confusing if it claimed
to be "1.3.1" when it's really "1.3.1 with Greg's tag cache backport".

Is there a usual convention for this?  I'm planning to transplant on
top of 1.3.1, then tag the resulting changeset "1.3.1-tagcache" or
something.  (Would "1.3.1-gward" be more appropriate?)


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