Upcoming 1.3 feature freeze: June 20

Matt Mackall mpm at selenic.com
Thu Jun 4 16:39:22 CDT 2009

After June 20th, we're only going to be accepting bug, doc, and
translation fixes in preparation for a July 1 release. If you've got
patches you'd like to see hit mainline for 1.3, now is probably the time
to think about resubmitting it. 

Your odds of getting things into an acceptable state in time for
inclusion will be improved by discussing your changes on IRC with the
core developers on #mercurial first.

We'll be doing an IRC bug-squashing sprint that weekend. Users and
developers of all stripes are invited to participate.

Also, a reminder to all packagers: now is the time to make sure all your
automated builds are working smoothly.

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