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Madhusudan C.S madhusudancs at
Wed Mar 18 01:27:30 CDT 2009

Hi Peter and all,
      I am a prospective GSoC 2009 student. I am willing to
work on Partial Cloning. I read the description on the ideas page.
Seems interesting to me. The ideas page says it is a work in
progress and Peter is working on it. I also read the comments
on the idea. A link to issue 105 is given there. I am going through
the comments on the issue tracker. The number comments there
are pretty large. Going through them carefully one after the other.
Other than that I have cloned the mercurial repository and going
through the mercurial source code. Can any of you please link me
to the work that is in progress now, if there is anything other than
the issue 105. Can any of you kindly give links and pointers to other
materials and documents I may have to go through to get a fair
idea about the internal concepts and architecture of Mercurial for
me to better understand what needs to be done and what not?

Thanks and regards,

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