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Tue Nov 3 01:50:18 CST 2009

Le Monday 02 November 2009 21:01:29 Greg Ward, vous avez écrit :
> On Mon, Nov 2, 2009 at 10:54 AM, David Douard <david.douard at> 
> > I'll try to do this this evening during, in my train back home.
> Fantastic!  Thank you again.  I am going to start writing a test
> script now based on the patch you already sent.  Will send it to you
> when it seems to work.  Then I can commit it right after your main
> patch.

I have been digging for this yesterday. In fact, current tests can (well, 
should, since 'verify' is not yet implemented in SSHStore) run fine against 
the SSHstore simply by changing the "store" parameter of the hgrc. 
In my repo, I have modified a bit tests/common like:


so I can run the test suite using SSHStore simply by setting the STOREPROTOCOL 
shell variable to "ssh://localhost/".

I wonder now how I can make execute the whole testsuite twice 
changing only a Shell variable. Any idea?


> Greg

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