[PATCH] patchbomb: allow multiple addresses in a single --to/cc/bcc argument

Martin Geisler mg at lazybytes.net
Tue Nov 3 10:52:18 CST 2009

Marti Raudsepp <marti at juffo.org> writes:

> Hi,
> Here's a patch to fix up the current patchbomb behavior that doesn't
> allow multiple addresses separated by commas on command line.
> The current behavior is quite surprising: 'hg email --to foo,bar'
> silently discarded 'bar' recipient. You wouldn't realize the mistake
> until you actually peek into the headers. The help screen suggests it
> accepts "email addresses" as the argument.

As you already know, the "proper" way to do this is to repeat the --to
option as needed. But I can definitely see why this surprices you since
we're so used to entering multiple emails with commas as a separator.

So the question is: do we want to support just email addresses or do we
want to support name+address?

I would be fine with saying that we only support email addresses, which
makes timeless' example of "Smith, David" <david.smith at example.com>

Is a a comma allowed in an address? I know that the RFC allows the most
surpricing addresses, so I wouldn't be surpriced if a comma is legal
too... But even so, we might want to say that we don't support it.

Martin Geisler

VIFF (Virtual Ideal Functionality Framework) brings easy and efficient
SMPC (Secure Multiparty Computation) to Python. See: http://viff.dk/.
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