error in test-bisect

Stuart W. Marks smarks at
Wed Nov 4 09:22:42 CST 2009

Martin Geisler wrote:
> "Stuart W. Marks" <smarks at> writes:
>> I'm not sure of the best way to deal with this. Maybe send stderr in
>> this case to file and then do pattern-matching over it? Or maybe omit
>> this part of the test; it might not be worth the trouble.
> I'm seeing the error too -- I've just pushed a9424b6a1a6d to fix it. It
> now filters the output and expects to see '/bin/sh: ./foobar:' from the
> shell. The idea is that the test succeeds if we hear a complaint from
> the shell mentioning './foobar'.

Thanks for taking care of this quickly!


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