--config option

Bill Schroeder bschroeder at allstontrading.com
Wed Nov 4 14:02:50 CST 2009

Here's a patch to improve the error message for the --config option. 



# HG changeset patch
# User Bill Schroeder <bschroeder at allstontrading.com>
# Date 1257363855 21600
# Node ID e7d7301c10e10fc3d4a00ea1e4526130b5473ed2
# Parent  07a62819b3096e5c05f0b799587f0f373470e9d7
impove usage text and error message for --config option

diff -r 07a62819b309 -r e7d7301c10e1 mercurial/dispatch.py
--- a/mercurial/dispatch.py    Fri Oct 16 00:09:18 2009 +0200
+++ b/mercurial/dispatch.py    Wed Nov 04 13:44:15 2009 -0600
@@ -272,7 +272,9 @@
     return (cmd, cmd and i[0] or None, args, options, cmdoptions)
 def _parseconfig(ui, config):
-    """parse the --config options from the command line"""
+    """parse the --config options from the command line
+    Takes the format: section.name=value
+    """
     for cfg in config:
             name, value = cfg.split('=', 1)
@@ -281,7 +283,7 @@
                 raise IndexError
             ui.setconfig(section, name, value)
         except (IndexError, ValueError):
-            raise util.Abort(_('malformed --config option: %s') % cfg)
+            raise util.Abort(_('malformed --config option: %s, format 
is section.name=value') % cfg)
 def _earlygetopt(aliases, args):
     """Return list of values for an option (or aliases).

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