[PATCH 0 of 3] update: allow crossing branches without -c or -C (#5)

Stuart W. Marks smarks at smarks.org
Thu Nov 5 12:37:49 CST 2009

Dirkjan Ochtman wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 4, 2009 at 06:50, Stuart W Marks <smarks at smarks.org> wrote:
>> Round five includes portability fixes to the test-update-branches
>> script to enable it to run on Ubuntu Linux, as suggested by Greg Ward.
> I've taken these:
> changeset:   9718:fe1b19bfe75b
> user:        Stuart W Marks <smarks at smarks.org>
> date:        Thu Nov 05 10:59:33 2009 +0100
> summary:     help: describe new cross-branch behavior in update help
> text, plus cleanups
> changeset:   9717:68a1b9d0663e
> user:        Stuart W Marks <smarks at smarks.org>
> date:        Thu Nov 05 10:53:59 2009 +0100
> summary:     update: allow branch crossing without -c or -C, with no
> uncommitted changes
> changeset:   9716:ea8c207a0f78
> user:        Stuart W Marks <smarks at smarks.org>
> date:        Thu Nov 05 10:53:36 2009 +0100
> summary:     update: add comments and test cases for updating across branches


> IIRC there was one para in the update help that was deemed clumsy and
> should be rewritten in a follow-up. Additionally, while I can see the
> motivation, I don't much like the fact that one of the error messages
> now wraps in your default terminal:
> abort: crosses branches (use 'hg merge' to merge or use 'hg update -C'
> to discard changes)
> It would be nice if we could figure out something shorter.

Good catch. I didn't like that it wrapped to a second line, but the shorter 
version was misleading IMO. I'll think about this more and come up with something.

I'll also take a look at rewording that paragraph in the update help.


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