hg-1.4 test, solaris: 5 errors

rupert.thurner rupert.thurner at gmail.com
Sun Nov 8 10:43:31 CST 2009

http://mercurial.pastebin.com/f7f400bda contains a test of hg-stable,
eccc8aacd6f9, 5 tests are failing on opencsw, which is a much better
result than ever before, many thanks!

Failed test-bisect: output changed
Failed test-subrepo: output changed
Failed test-diffstat: output changed and returned error code 2
Failed test-patchbomb: output changed and returned error code 1
Failed test-extension: output changed

the test was done on the http://opencsw.org infrastructure, only
solaris 10, sparc. but the tests i did before with the crew repo for
multiple plattforms always showed the same result no matter which
solaris version, or which processor architecture.


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