Named branches in main Mercurial repo

Matt Mackall mpm at
Tue Nov 17 16:54:33 CST 2009

We're now using named branches in the main repo. There are two branches:

default = everything for the next major release
stable = everything for the next minor release (ie bugfixes)

Workflows shouldn't need to change here; the only real difference is
that changesets from the stable branch are now marked as such. The old
hg-stable repo is now simply a mirror of the stable branch in the main

If you're tracking stable, you can continue pulling from the old stable
repo, or you can pull just the stable bits from the new repo with:

hg clone

This is equivalent to:

hg clone -r stable

with the added bonus that the stable branch piece is remembered in
your .hgrc and automatically used for future pulls. 

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