hg-stable at 9876: 2 new changesets

Mercurial Commits hg at intevation.org
Thu Nov 19 13:15:41 CST 2009

2 new changesets in hg-stable:

changeset:   9875:7e7d56fe4833
branch:      stable
user:        Sune Foldager <cryo at cyanite.org>
date:        Wed Nov 18 15:20:08 2009 +0100
summary:     branchmap: fix defective fallback fix 0262bb59016f

changeset:   9876:7bb004fc14ec
branch:      stable
tag:         tip
user:        Thomas Arendsen Hein <thomas at intevation.de>
date:        Wed Nov 18 16:47:20 2009 +0100
summary:     Extend test-branchmap to test c51494c53841

Repository URL: http://selenic.com/repo/hg-stable/

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