mercurial at 9898: 3 new changesets (2 stable)

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Fri Nov 20 15:15:27 CST 2009

3 new changesets (2 stable) in mercurial:
changeset:   9896:2c2f7593ffc4
branch:      stable
parent:      9894:b755a886e8b7
user:        Nicolas Dumazet <nicdumz.commits at>
date:        Tue Nov 17 15:00:00 2009 +0900
summary:     cmdutil.service: do not _exit(0) in the parent process
changeset:   9897:97eda2133a9b
branch:      stable
user:        Nicolas Dumazet <nicdumz.commits at>
date:        Tue Nov 17 15:36:09 2009 +0900
summary:     inotify: add a inotify.pidfile configuration possibility
changeset:   9898:b5170b8b32a5
tag:         tip
parent:      9895:30a2aa8e5290
parent:      9897:97eda2133a9b
user:        Benoit Boissinot <benoit.boissinot at>
date:        Fri Nov 20 02:34:56 2009 +0100
summary:     merge with stable

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