EOL extension

Martin Geisler mg at lazybytes.net
Sat Nov 28 14:52:52 CST 2009

Hi guys,

I've been working a little on the EOL extension that will allow in-repo
configuration of newline styles.

It should now handle files marked as LF, CRLF and BIN, where "handle"
means that it will abort on commit if it sees inconsistent newlines in a
file marked as LF or CRLF.

Please clone the extension from


add it to a repositorys .hg/hgrc file:

  eol = /path/to/eol.py

Read its help

  hg help eol

and test it! See the bottom of this page a TODO list:


Then send back test cases that show when and how it fails to live up to
the expectations. If you can, please include test-foo.out files that
show how you would expect the output to look like, then we have
something to work towards.

I recently removed all the discussion text from the wiki page. I did
that because I think we need to focus on implementation (and especially
on solving the inevitable implementation issues) instead of trying to
solve imagined problems that may or may not become relevant.

Martin Geisler

VIFF (Virtual Ideal Functionality Framework) brings easy and efficient
SMPC (Secure Multiparty Computation) to Python. See: http://viff.dk/.
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