Need feedback for extension name

Greg Ward greg-hg at
Sat Nov 28 16:25:24 CST 2009

On Sat, Nov 28, 2009 at 12:38 PM, Oben Sonne <obensonne at> wrote:
> I've written an extension for Mercurial which is supposed to
> automatically synchronize a local repository with a remote one. The
> extension does a duplex synchronization, i.e. it first commits changes
> in the local repository (optionally with automatic tracking/untracking
> of new/missing files), then it pulls changes from the remote repo,
> tries to merge them and finally it pushes all changes back to the
> remote repo.

Interesting.  Sounds like "bound mode" (that's Bazaar terminology) on
steroids.  Did you take a look at BIll Barry's boundmode extension
that implements bzr-like push-on-commit
(  It sounds
like he has already done half the work of your extension; perhaps the
auto-pull-merge feature could be implemented as a patch to boundmode?

> All this happens continuously at a given interval.

What, like, in the background?  Did you write a daemon for this, or is
the user supposed to set up a cron job?

> The extension is ready to to get published but I'm not sure yet about
> the name. I would like to call it the 'sync' extension, because this
> is what it does. However, as 'sync' is a quite generic term, I wonder
> if it somehow might cause conflicts or ambiguities within the
> Mercurial universe.

autopushpullmerge? (ok, just kidding)

(Hmmm: I kinda like "duplexbound": if this really has to be a separate
extension from Bill's boundmode, it would be nice to show the
similarity in the name.  But IMHO it would be better to have one more
powerful extension than two overlapping extensions.)


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