mercurial/crew at 9953: 3 outgoing changesets (2 stable)

Mercurial Commits hg at
Sun Nov 29 06:00:02 CST 2009

3 outgoing changesets (2 stable) in mercurial/crew:
changeset:   9953:0347eb4d2236
tag:         tip
parent:      9950:af5f99d8195e
parent:      9952:5b149c88d9e8
user:        Martin Geisler <mg at>
date:        Sat Nov 28 23:58:03 2009 +0100
summary:     Merge with stable
changeset:   9952:5b149c88d9e8
branch:      stable
user:        timeless at
date:        Sat Nov 28 23:44:18 2009 +0100
summary:     commands: add missing options in command line help
changeset:   9951:9b626a63f556
branch:      stable
parent:      9943:f8d779791161
user:        Martin Geisler <mg at>
date:        Sat Nov 28 23:23:16 2009 +0100
summary:     commands: mark strings for translation

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