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Hi all,

I have a project which has three branches:LRU, LFU, MRD. Each branch has some files different from other branches, such as a.file, b.file. At the same time, all the branches share some code files, such as c.file, d.file, e.file. All these files exist in the same directory (of course, in practical usage, some of them are in the same directory, some are not). I want to define a main module which contains c.file, d.file, e.file and three parent module LRU, LFU, MRD which manage a.file, b.file and has the main module as their child. Each module maintains his own version information. Such a module structure can guarantee that changes to main module can be instantly reflected in each branch and changes to one branch do not influence other branches, so no more merge needed.

hg/git subproject and cvs module all have the same limit: each module or subproject must in an individual directory. Maybe the named branch in Mercurial can be modified for this requirement.

Any other solutions?

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