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Augie Fackler lists at
Thu Apr 15 14:14:24 CDT 2010

Is the software you're using for this available anywhere? I'd be
interested in having something like this for hgsubversion and friends
to test across multiple versions of hg more easily.

On Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 12:43 AM, Ry4an Brase <ry4an-hg at> wrote:
> I heard someone in IRC saying that the test suite was bogging down their
> laptop, so I set up a quick push-test service for crew.  If you're in
> crew and you do a push to ssh:// these steps
> will be taken:
>    1) a local clone of the crew repo is updated from
>    2) a new, disposable local clone is created from that crew clone
>    3) your csets are pushed to that new clone
>    4) the working directory is updated to 'tip'
>    5) a build is done
>    6) the test suite is run
>    7) the build and results show up in your stdout
>    8) the new clone (and your pushed csets) are deleted
> It's on a reasonably fast, unloaded box so the suite runs in about 3
> mins 30 seconds.  Thanks to ThomasAH for providing the crew pubkeys.  If
> you're not in crew and want to use the service please contact me and
> convince me you're not going to write a test that does a "rm -rf ~",
> because that would completely work.
> Unfortunately, the output is getting buffered somewhere so there's no
> output after "searching for changes" for almost 4 minutes, but the final
> output looks as attached.
> The machine's RSA host key fingerprint is: 0b:5a:b6:76:48:27:1c:fa:87:e6:a0:86:34:29:a9:2d
> The scripts can be viewed here:
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