[PATCH] hgweb: set overflow on graph nodes in paper theme

Tatham Oddie tatham at oddie.com.au
Fri Aug 6 20:19:36 CDT 2010

Hi Mads,

I agree that just truncating the data isn't the best solution however as show 
in the screenshots, it is currently unusable anyway. One long commit message 
obscures itself *and* the next message. At least by hiding the overflow we can 
read the next one.

I have a number of things I'm working on cleaning up around the graph page, 
and hope to come up with a better solution for this particular problem yet.

This patch is just step 1.

Tatham Oddie
au mob: +61 414 275 989, us cell: +1 213 280 9140, skype: tathamoddie

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FWIW I wouldn't take that ;-)

Hiding overflow is often aesthetically pleasing as long as the hidden 
information is irrelevant, but it is not a graceful degradation. I think 
practicality beats purity and that the current behavior where text might 
overlap a bit is better than hiding the overflow.

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