2 test failures on Mac

Martijn Pieters mj at zopatista.com
Sat Aug 14 06:43:57 CDT 2010

On Sat, Aug 14, 2010 at 10:45, Mads Kiilerich <mads at kiilerich.com> wrote:
> Dan reported / posted patches yesterday - see
> http://www.selenic.com/pipermail/mercurial-devel/2010-August/023572.html
> (It generally seems like you don't read the list you are posting to? No big
> issue, but also not very efficient communication ;-) )

Indeed, I missed that one.

I try to keep up with the general discussions, but since mercurial
isn't my main focus, I do not read all posts; the Plone development
and commit lists get little enough attention as it is! :-)

I'll try and search for related threads before reporting findings next
time. OTOH, keeping the bar low for casual contributions to the
project is a noble goal too! :-)

Martijn Pieters

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