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Isaac Jurado diptongo at
Wed Dec 1 04:05:26 CST 2010

On Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 10:20 AM, Didly Bom <didlybom at> wrote:
> However, there is a question that pretty much everybody makes at some
> point, which is: "why does mercurial create a new commit when you add
> a tag?". The answer makes sense once you understand how mercurial
> works, yet it often leads to more questions such as "Then, why don't
> you lose your tags when you update to an old revision?" (because
> mercurial treats the .hgtags file as a special case) or "If I tag an
> old revision, why does the tag commit appear at the top of the
> history?" (because the commit is created as a child of your previous
> current revision), etc. Not to mention the complaints such as "This
> makes the history graph more complex", etc.

You forget a critical case: hg clone -r tagX.  The new repository will
NOT recognize tagX.  So that is quite annoying when you do clone based
branching, like we do at work.  But we have to live with it because
Mercurial is the most conveninent tool we found for the job.


Isaac Jurado

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