mercurial at 12996: 5 new changesets

Mads Kiilerich mads at
Fri Dec 3 17:59:03 CST 2010

Eric Eisner wrote, On 12/03/2010 06:02 PM:
> Hmm, it appears my method of changing PATH did not propagate correctly 
> to the unified tests, so everything I said is a lie. I'll look into 
> make these things functionally pass for older versions.
> As for the --date flag, should we always ignore it? should we query 
> the git version and change behavior based on that?

I guess that could be an option.

We have hghave for this kind of stuff. For example test-convert-mtn.t is 
skipped completely if we don't like the mtn version, and 
test-clone-failure.t, test-git-import.t and test-profile.t use other 
tricks for skipping tests partially.

I guess it could make sense to introduce some kind of smart conditional 
sections in .t tests, but that would make it less shell-like and I don't 
know how a good syntax could look like ...


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