Bookmarks in core?

Martin Geisler mg at
Wed Dec 8 03:04:26 CST 2010

Matt Mackall <mpm at> writes:

> Correct, I could have chosen five years ago to have a separate
> history. I think this would have been a terrible choice, because most
> Mercurial users would then never understand tags -at all- and their
> problems with them would be even more mysterious.
> Consider pull -r: most users can figure out why that doesn't work,
> even if they can't figure out what they were supposed to do. But in a
> parallel history approach, pull -r would still -serve the same
> purpose- and thus work the same way. And only expert users who knew
> about the secret tag history would be able to figure it out.

Would Mercurial not just transfer the full tag history in that case so
that 'hg pull -r TAG' gives you a repo with TAG?

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